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An excerpt from Babbling Brook Society

Willy replied, “Brilliant! This technology is life-changing, and I wonder Luke, will humans use technology to fix climate change?”

Luke thought for a long moment before responding. “We can only hope.”

Willy gathered his gifts one by one and took them into the hidden paths of his cave dwelling. Luke waited, pleased to spend as much time as he could with his wise, joyful little friend.

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Babbling Brook Society © All Rights Reserved, 2018


Granite boulders deposited by glaciers over 20,000 years ago created talus caves, the site for Luke’s early hike. Fond of his peaceful trek through Polar Caves Park, his morning routine is mind-blowingly altered when he meets the leader of a hidden community living in the deep recesses of Haycock Mountain. When Luke learns their survival hinges on his involvement, he must offer assurances and prove he can be trusted with their secret. However, circumstances change. Can Luke keep his promise?

B.B.S. Cover

An excerpt from Waterfall Down Lodge

Robyn maneuvered her kayak around Quincy Bog and looked for the cause of the splash, confident that the duck now wrapped and positioned beside her had not caused it. She spotted a boat beside water’s edge, paddled over, lifted and studied the small brown canoe. It was weathered and worn, like an antique, suggesting many years of use. It was unusual wear for a toy canoe, she thought. A lone oar floated nearby.

“Hello?” she called. “Is anyone here?”

No answer.

“Did someone lose their canoe?”

The atmosphere grew unusually quiet then. No bird song, no frog croaks, no pitter-patter of rain. Robyn sensed an eerie calm and the silence frightened her.

“Is anyone there?” she called again, a hint of quiver in her voice.

Babbling Brook Society © All Rights Reserved, 2018

Summary coming soon...

A third and final book, Cranny Nook Circle, is also in the works!